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      At Birdie Blue, we are known as The Place For Denim, a title that we have maintained by stocking only the highest quality jeans and denim products across our entire line. So, given how much we love all things jeans, how could the face of denim itself, Levis, not be part of that picture?

      Levis essentially invented jeans as we know them today, maintaining a reputation for quality and style as one of the world’s leading denim brands ever since. Plus, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovative manufacturing, Levis jeans are a perfect example of the ethically sustainable practices we at Birdie Blue are constantly striving for.

      From cotton growing to dyeing and finishing, Levis claims to use up to 96% less water in the production of its jeans when compared to more traditional manufacturing. These practices, when adopted by one of the industry’s leading names, can have significant positive impacts on the way other companies handle their manufacturing. So, it’s important to show your support for practices that you believe in.

      No matter what style you’re looking to evoke, Birdie Blue has you covered with our Levis collection. With free sustainable express shipping on orders over $50, you can feel as confident in your purchases as you do in your new look. Explore our Levis jeans range for yourself!