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      184 products

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      Basic should never have to mean boring.

      This is the mission statement of Nude Lucy, a brand that exists to elevate the casual and bring out the beauty of simple style. This succeeds in creating an overall look that is elegant, high-quality and timeless in its minimal aesthetics across the entire Nude Lucy range. It’s rare to find a brand that has managed to carve such a defined brand image through the art of simplicity, let alone one that has managed to stay so dedicated to quality, with the majority of their line being made from combed cotton and maintained an impeccably high standard for production and manufacturing.

      As you can see from that description, we at Birdie Blue are delighted to stock a wide array of Nude Lucy looks, styles and pieces spanning items from across their entire range. With a wide selection of women’s tees, shorts, blazers and more, this range is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement whilst still staying sleek and subtle in the execution of their outfits.

      So, what are you waiting for? Explore the Nude Lucy range today and find your next style obsession. With free standard shipping over $50 and ethical HEROPACK packaging, you can feel as comfortable in your purchase as you will in these clothes.